Conservatorship: Protecting Vulnerable Family Members

If an individual is unable to make routine decisions as a result of being disabled through accident or illness, or is otherwise mentally incapable, conservatorship may be the best way to care for your loved one. To be appointed conservator of an adult, involves filing a Petition for Conservatorship. A Petition for Conservatorship can be filed by a friend or relative, professional conservator, nonprofit agency, or public official. The proposed conservator must be trustworthy such that a surety company is willing to vouch for their behavior. Throughout the entire process of conservatorship for an individual, the conservator needs to have an attorney represent them.

Obtaining conservatorship over another individual is a complex matter. Each case is unique. A conservator must meet the courts' requirements, which includes posting a bond and taking an oath. The requirements for a conservator of the estate are much greater than for a guardian of the person. Call Miller Law, for a consultation with a family law lawyer who will answer your questions and help you to arrive at the best solution for your loved one.

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