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At Miller Law, we are child advocates with a dedicated group of experienced professionals who work as a team to resolve complex education law problems. Our focus is to develop efficient, practical and creative resolutions to any education law challenge you are facing.

We understand the importance of fighting to get the right special education services to meet your child’s needs. We work closely with parents of children with special education needs to understand and identify their child’s unique strengths, identify the goals of legal representation, and develop a plan of action to obtain appropriate special education services. We take the time to explain special education law, outline your legal options, and help you make decisions about your child.

Protecting Your Rights in Education Law

We inform parents of their child's educational rights and assist parents in having their concerns heard by school district representatives. Our education law practice is extensive, encompassing special education law, suspension and expulsion, issues related to bullying, child advocacy, litigation, and a wide variety of other related issues.

  • We review school records, special education records, private assessments, evaluations, and Section 504 plans.
  • We formulate appropriate IEP goals, accommodations, modifications, behavior plans, and related services such as speech and language, occupational therapy, assistive technology, and adaptive P.E.
  • We provide expert opinions in exploring School Placement options such as inclusions, learning centers, resourced programs, special day classes, non-public schools, and residential treatment facilities, as appropriate.
  • We draft dispute resolution proposals, State of California Department of Education complaints, letters, and written requests to district personnel and administrators.
  • We assess each student's case, and when appropriate we assist parents in seeking reimbursement for outside services and school placement, for past, present and future expenses.

Contact an Education Law Attorney Today

Education law is complex and parents often struggle to navigate the maze of laws, policies, and procedures in an effort to obtain appropriate special education services for their children. The process can be frustrating and exhausting. We empower, guide and educate parents/guardians and students to strengthen their own advocacy skills. Contact our Ventura office to schedule a consultation at 805.218.0113 or email us. We help people throughout the State of California protect their legal rights.





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