school injuries

As parents, we know that minor bumps, bruises and scrapes are a normal part of childhood. However, serious injuries that occur because of the carelessness of others are unacceptable. Schools carry a duty to provide their students with a safe and hazard free environment. Parents have to trust schools to protect their children. Schools must do everything within a reasonable means to protect children entrusted to them by caring parents.

At Miller Law, we understand that you expect and deserve your children to be treated with a reasonable amount of care. If the negligence of school officials or daycare staff resulted in significant harm to your child, we can help. Our firm has extensive experience with school injury cases that involve accidents that occur to children in educational settings.

Playground Injuries
Our Ventura school injury attorneys will carefully investigate the situation and provide caring legal help for cases involving the following:

  • Playground Injuries
  • Bullying
  • School Bus Injuries
  • Gym/Physical Education Injuries
  • Teacher Negligence
  • Near Drowning
  • Sexual Assault
  • Sports Injuries
  • Head Injuries

Children do not always understand how unsafe an activity is, that is why they must always be properly supervised. Our children are supposed to be safe at school and schools have a responsibility to take reasonable care of them. Schools must maintain and supervise their playgrounds, buildings and sports facilities to make sure children playing normally are not likely to be hurt.

Special Needs Injuries
If you child has a special physical or mental need, schools are required to provide and implement a plan to protect your child throughout the school day. Some children have physical or mental limitations that require special procedures that all school staff must know and follow in order to prevent injury to the child. When the school fails to abide by its own standards your child risks injuries that should have been prevented by the school. If your special needs child is injured at school, contact a Ventura school injury attorney who can help evaluate your claim and help you fight for your child’s rights.

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