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A will is simply a legal document that allows you to spell out how you would like your possessions to be divided after your death and to explain in detail any instructions that are left in place. Your will is vital to ensuring that your property and possessions, from the big things to items with sentimental value like your wedding ring go to the people you care most about. Without a will, there is no way for your voice to be heard.

A will is an important part of any estate plan. Without it, the cost of transferring your property to the ones that you love and take care of will go up, leaving less behind to benefit your family. Having an experienced attorney draft your will is the best way to ensure that everything is properly done and that your wishes are carried out.

Customized Trust Services Based on Your Needs and Goals

Regardless of your net worth, you want to ensure that those close to you are well taken care of while you are alive and following your death. A carefully drafted trust may accomplish this task. At Miller Law, we will take the time to listen to your goals, explain the law and determine which trust, is appropriate for your particular situation. We work to identify your specific needs, discuss your objectives, and, if necessary, bring in accountants, financial planners and/or other professionals for guidance. We take great pride in providing customized estate plans that grant you peace of mind. In addition, we strive to remain in constant communication with our clients during the estate planning process and to keep them informed of any developments that may affect their overall goals.

When people think of trusts, they usually think of very wealthy people who have lots of assets that need to be protected. While it is true that large estates should almost always have trusts to manage the transfer of property, in California all income level families are discovering the benefits of setting up a trust. Speaking with an estate planning attorney that creates trust documents is the best way to find out what type of trust is right for your estate plan.

Contact an Experience Wills and Trusts Attorney

Consulting with an experienced Ventura County wills and trusts attorney is the best way to take control of your future, and to make sure your loved ones are fully provided for. Contact Miller Law at 805.218.0113 or email us. Don't leave your loved ones with the stress and anxiety of sorting out your wishes after your death; call us today for a consultation.






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